Canoo develops electric vehicles and leads the automobile world’s transition to sustainable and clean energy. Canoo is a new name in the automotive industry with a complete focus on creating eco-friendly electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprints.

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle or Canoo LV is one of the primary vehicles from the new automobile manufacturer company i.e. Canoo. It is an all-electric car propelled by an electric motor. This Canoo electric car is available in various configurations with seating space for 2 to 7 passengers. It promises the interior volume of a 3-row SUV in the footprint of a compact.

It comes with a single electric motor moving the rear wheels. Twin motor choice is not available at the time of launch. You can expect an output of 300 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. In just 6.3 seconds, you can go 0-60 mph. However, the top speed is limited to 125 mph.

When it comes to battery, Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is equipped with an 80 kWh battery that is installed on a skateboard structure that will base all the future vehicles from this automaker. Canoo electric cars are great when it comes to style and zero carbon emissions.

The most affordable version of Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is the Delivery Variant which is a 2-seater cargo van. The base passenger versions have five sears and additional rear doors and windows as compared to the delivery variant. The Premium version of the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle expands to 7-passenger seating and has a panoramic glass roof, improved 17-speaker audio, and interior lighting.

The top model with beat specs is the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle Adventure which comes in an exclusive dark green color nicely painted and features a light bar, roof rack, tow hitch, as well as extra ground clearance as compared to other models.

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