Dacia automobile company is based in Romania and focuses on creating quality new cars at affordable prices. This car manufacturer company creates cars based on customers’ needs.

Dacia manufactures cars keeping in mind everything important to you and develops reliable vehicles that run a long time. 

The first electric vehicle by Dacia is Spring Electric. This fully electric car is available in two different versions based on their use across different mobility reasons.

One of them is a car-sharing type for shared electric urban mobility and the other one is a cargo utility electric vehicle for last-mile deliveries. 

The Spring Electric car is a revolution as it makes electric mobility even easier in the European market due to its lowest price. Being a highly affordable electric vehicle out there, it gained much attention.

It has an SUV design that boasts a spacious cabin. The car has a reliable and simple electric engine as well as a reassuring driving range. Spring Electric is a practical and versatile city car.

Electric mobility is becoming an essential part of our lives and many companies are adopting new technologies to develop new energy vehicles. Dacia is also adopting electric mobility to its idea of providing modern cars that meet vital needs. Spring Electric is a spacious, small, and strong electric car provided at an unbeatable price. 

Spring Electric is the fruit of two distinctive expert areas i.e. Dacia and Groupe Renault. Dacia is an expert in providing vital cars at affordable prices and Groupe Renault has expertise in creating reliable and high-performance vehicles.

It is because of the efforts of over 30,000 employees trained in the electric mobility field. Dacia is one of the most affordable electric vehicles in Europe and it will make electric mobility reachable for a large number of people across the globe.

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