In recent years, electric cars have been increasing in popularity. This is due, in part, to the increase in gas prices and the growing concern about climate change. Ford has noticed this trend and created several models of electric cars that are available for purchase. In this post, we will explore the different models of Ford electric cars that are available and discuss their features. We will also provide information on how to purchase these cars and what kind of discounts is available. So, if you are interested in buying an electric car, keep reading!

Focus Electric Car

The most popular model of Ford electric car is the Focus Electric. This car has a range of 115 miles and can be plugged into any standard household outlet. The Focus Electric comes with many features that are designed to make your driving experience more enjoyable, including:

  1. Heated front seats
  2. SYNC voice-activated controls
  3. MyFord Mobile app

Ford’s electric cars compare to competitors

Ford’s electric cars compare favorably to their competition in terms of range, charging time, and price. The Ford Focus Electric ranges 115 miles and can be charged in as little as four hours. The Nissan Leaf has a range of 107 miles and takes eight hours to charge. The Chevy Volt ranges 380 miles, but its battery must be recharged every 35 miles. The Volt’s price tag is also significantly higher than the Focus Electric’s.

The Ford Focus Electric has a base price of $29,995, while the Chevy Volt starts at $39,995. The Nissan Leaf has a base price of $32,780. All three cars are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit, which reduces Focus Electric’s price to $22,495. The Volt’s price drops to $32,495 after the tax credit, and the Leaf’s price falls to $25,280.

Focus Electric is also eligible for state and local incentives, which can further reduce its price. For example, Focus Electric is eligible for a $2,500 rebate in California. With these discounts, Focus Electric’s price can drop to as low as $19,995.

Focus Electric’s range and charging time compare favorably to its competition, and its price is very competitive after considering all available incentives. Ford’s electric car is an excellent choice for an affordable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly vehicle.

What needs to consider before purchase?

If you are interested in purchasing a Ford electric car, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, these cars are only available for purchase through select dealerships. Second, you may be able to receive a discount on the purchase price of the car if you qualify for specific incentives. Finally, do your research and compare the different models of electric cars before making your final decision.

Final Words

The all-electric Ford Focus is an excellent choice for drivers looking for an environmentally friendly car. It has a range of 115 miles on a single charge, and with its regenerative braking system, you can recharge the battery while you drive. The Focus also has plenty of features to make your ride more comfortable, including an adjustable seat and climate control. You can set up your smartphone to work with the car’s Bluetooth system. So if you’re looking for a reliable electric car that’s fun to drive, the Ford Focus is worth considering.

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