Nio is a multinational manufacturer and developer of automobiles based in Shanghai, China. The company specializes in designing and creating innovative solutions and products for electric vehicles. 

Nio is renowned and notable for the development and production of batter-swapping stations. They substitute specific existing components as conventional or traditional charging stations. 

Overall, Nio builds and improves electric vehicles, making advanced modes of transportation available in the market. The company believes that “smart” and “autonomous” cars can shape the future. For that reason, it leads the way into the envisioned time, adding beneficial elements and value to public life. 

Additionally, Nio constantly develops innovative and industry-leading charging solutions and technologies. Its valuable design DNA allows the company to create constructive and favorable vehicles having a set purpose. 

What Do We Know About Nio Electric Car?

Over the years, Nio developed and produced several electric cars, with the EP9 being the first model. The vehicle was an electrically-powered hypercar presented on the same day of the brand’s launch.

Next, the ES8 got revealed, followed by the ES6, the EC6, and the ET7. The latest version or model of the Nio electric car was the ET5, released in December 2021. 

Besides the revealed and released models, Nio has a few upcoming and concept electric cars in mind. The latter includes ET Preview and EVE. The company has been performing various tests and innovations to improve them before its launch. 

Let’s look into all the electric car models in detail. 

Released Electric Cars


EP9 falls under the sports car category and has two doors and seats each. It features a coupe-style body. The vehicle runs on electric motors that get cooled by water indirectly.


EC6 is a mid-sized electric coupe car with five doors and seats each. It features an SUV-style body and runs on lithium-ion batteries.


ES6 is similar to the EC6 model. It has five seats and doors each and runs on lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, it features an SUV-style body.


ES8 is a full-sized seven-seater car with five doors and six seats. It features an SUV-style body. This vehicle also runs on lithium-ion batteries.


The ET7 is a full-sized/E-segment electric car with four doors and five seats. It features a sedan-type body and gets powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Upcoming Electric Car Models


EF9 is a minivan-type car having the same body style. It will have five doors and seven or eight seats and get powered by lithium-ion batteries. 


ES3 is a compact crossover car with an SUV-style body. It will have five seats and doors each and run using lithium-ion batteries. 


ES7 is a mid-sized electric car with an SUV-style body. It will get powered by lithium-ion batteries and have five doors and seats each. 


ET5 is a mid-sized/D-segment car with a sedan-style body. It will be Nio’s most compact car having four doors and seats each and run by lithium-ion batteries.

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