Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer brand that was created in 1899. Renault has created and launched a wide range of cars and vans as well as trucks, buses, aircraft, and auto rail vehicles.

Renault Zoe is a fully electric car model manufactured by this brand. It is a Fiesta-sized electric vehicle that is highly capable and available at a relatively affordable cost. It was the primary mainstream electric vehicle to go on sale in Europe. Today, Renault Zoe is the best-selling one which means that it has a lot of happy customers already.

The Renault Zoe has been fine-tuned and refined over the years making each next-generation car better than the previous one. The range it offers has improved a lot over the years but the price has not gone up too much. Renault Zoe has targeted the two main issues about electric cars i.e. the feeble range between charges and the high price. 

Other standouts include improved quality materials, high in-car technology, and improved drive capabilities. On a full charge, this 5-door fiesta-sized hatchback electric vehicle can comfortably go around 200 miles on a full battery charge. It also comes with several standard equipments including a wall-mounted 7 kW charger installed at home. Renault Zoe costs less than many other electric vehicles of the same size and features.

Renault Zoe has been around for over a decade but frequent up-gradation has improved its interior quality and infotainment system, offering it a longer mileage between charges and enhancing its performance. Now it has two power outputs. This Renault electric car has a super-mini size but its design has some special qualities that make it stand out from the crowd. 

The vehicle has smooth bodywork that makes it better than the Clio and the Metallic blue details in the badges and the lights are the symbols of electric models by Renault. It comes with a stylish interior together with several smooth surfaces. The infotainment touchscreen and switchgear are borrowed from the Clio.

Previously, the Renault Zoe was available with 2 outputs from its only front-mounted electric motor. An R135 model comes with 134bhp whereas the R110 version has 107bhp. Now Renault offers only the more powerful model. The fully electric lithium-ion battery is placed under the sears which can be changed through the socket in the nose.

Renault Zoe is capable of offering more than just trips to the shops. With fully charged batteries, you can travel almost 240 miles and it takes almost 3 hours to fully charge its battery using a 22 kW public charger. If you are charging it at home using a 7 kWh charger, it will take around 8 hours to complete the charging. However, a rapid charge to 80% with a 50kWh charger requires 70 minutes with a more powerful model. A 30 minutes charge will provide 90 miles of range.