Rimac has been around since 1909 challenging the boundaries of technology and esthetics. It is a Croatian automobile manufacturing company that is defined by function and forged from a love for automobiles. From extraordinary component design and engineering to complete production, Rimac is a leader in high-performance electric vehicle technology.

Rimac is known for its 1900 horsepower Nevera electric sports car. Rimac Nevera is a fully electric vehicle with various nice features. It comes with wonderful performance features as well as brilliant design. This fully electric model comes with 4 electric motors which provide a complete power of 1914-horsepower. This Rimac electric car will offer 0 to 60 mph operation in just 1.85 seconds. 

Many other electric vehicles run out of steam at high speeds, the Rimac Nevera will reach 258 mph at higher speeds. This Croatian automobile manufacturer had entered a new league of performance with its all-new Nevera electric model which leaves Bugatti Chiron behind.

The Rimac Nevera fully electric model is launched at the beginning of 2022. It was introduced as a hyper-electric vehicle with 4 motors and astonishingly high performance. Being the next version of Concept One and founded on C Two prototype, each aspect of this Rimac electric car has been improved. 

According to Rimac, Nevera comes with the latest monocoque and unibody constructions such as the carbon fiber roof. Surprisingly, this Rimac electric car has a drive drift feature. It comes with record-breaking performance and outrageous power from a 4 motor setup. You will get an astonishing grip and poise. 

With an advanced monocoque built, this aerodynamic masterpiece is not only great in a straight line but also a highly balanced hypercar. However, only 150 people would be lucky enough to drive this performance marvel as Rimac keeps the production numbers low. Its production rate is slow creating only a single product each week.

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