Singulato Motors is a start-up electric car manufacturing company that produces smart car systems, new energy vehicles, and vehicle networking services. It also invests in the latest and most advanced technology products. Singulato Motors was created in 2014. 

Being an innovative automotive company, its business scope covers intelligent vehicle systems and new energy vehicles based on cloud networking solutions and services. This developer of the electric car has a team of elites from various industries including automotive development, automotive engineering, automotive electronics, automotive design, intelligent hardware, and the internet who work together for a single dream. 

With cross-border research and innovation, continuously integrating its benefits, and making efficient use of industrial capital, the company created new internet intelligent new energy vehicles. The company created different electric vehicle models including iS6, iM8, and iC3. These electric vehicles are developed with smart technologies that can integrate into the entire ecosystem. 

Singulato iS6 model is a smart electric SUV with 5 seats and 5 doors. This is a pure EV that understands you. This car is a perfect amalgam of intelligent technology and automatic artistry which brings unlimited opportunities for the future market of automotive. The Singulato iS6 model is powered by a motor drive system with an enhanced power of 260 kW and a full torque of 580 Nm. The car has both slow and fast charging modes. You can get them in both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions.

The Singulato iC3 model is also a pure electric vehicle that is armed with a lithium-ion battery providing a range of 188 miles. It is a 3 + 1 seat, 3 door mini pure electric vehicle by Singulato. The iC3 model has a design theme of "urban dream chaser" and has a design concept of functional sense. Just like smartphones, this company believes that smart vehicles can also enhance human capabilities.

Models Singulato