Hey there! Planning to give your car a little shade? If you're in Delaware, there's a bit of legalese you should be aware of. Let's chat about the state's window tinting laws, and make sure you're driving in style and within the rules.

A Peek into Delaware’s Window Tint History

Delaware stepped into the world of tint regulations back in 1992. Yeah, they've had their tint game on for quite some time! Now, if you're thinking about adding a bit of tint to your ride, I've got the breakdown of what's allowed and what might earn you a side-eye from the law.

The Science of Tint: Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

Alright, here's a little tint 101 for you. The amount of light your tinted windows allow is measured in VLT, which stands for Visible Light Transmission. Think of it as the sun's VIP access to your car's interiors. Delaware, like a picky club bouncer, has specific standards on how much light should pass through, especially between sedans and the larger SUVs or vans.

For the Sedan Lovers:

Windshield: Only non-reflective tint above the manufacturer's AS-1 line is good to go.

Front Side Windows: Sorry folks, no aftermarket tint here.

Back Side & Rear Windows: Go wild! Choose any darkness level you fancy.

For the Big SUV and Van Fans:

Windshield: Same deal as the sedans - non-reflective tint above the AS-1 line.

Front Side Windows: Again, aftermarket tint is a no-go.

Back Side & Rear Windows: Freedom! Pick any shade that suits your style.

Got front side windows on your ride? Delaware's clear on this - no aftermarket tint. Only factory-installed tints with over 70% VLT get the green light.

Shine & Reflect: The Delaware Tint Reflection Rule

Now, it's not just about the darkness. Your window tint can bounce back some light, helping to keep out those blinding glares and oven-like heat. But Delaware has something to say about this too.

For Sedans & SUVs/Vans Alike:

Front & Back Side Windows: Keep it simple, no metallic or mirrored looks.

The Delaware Tinting Fine Print

Like every rulebook, there are always a few extra points to note:

Mirror Mirror: If you've gone dark on the back window, make sure you've got dual side mirrors.

Color Wheel: Delaware’s easygoing here - no tint colors are off the table.

Paperwork: Tint sellers in the state can relax - no need to certify the film they're selling.

Stickers: Keep an identification sticker between the film & glass on the driver’s side. It's like your tint's passport!

Special Cases: Medical exceptions are there for special tints. Dive into the state law for those specifics.

Oops, Overstepped?: If you go a tad too far, penalties range from $28.75 to $100.

Remember, your town or county might interpret these rules with a personal twist, so always double-check locally.

Stay Updated, Stay Stylish

Our tint info, fresh off the press, was last updated in 2023. But laws change, and if you find something's shifted, give us a shout so we can keep our fellow drivers informed.

Drive cool and stay within the rules! Cheers!

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