Hey there, Arizona drivers! Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the state's window tinting laws. It's been a thing since 1994, and if you're thinking of pimping your ride with some sleek tint, you'll want to make sure you're in the clear with the law.

Shedding Light on Window Tint Darkness in Arizona

Visible Light Transmission, or VLT as the cool kids call it, is basically how much sunlight your window tint lets through. Arizona's quite particular about this, and what's okay for your four-door sedan may not fly for your hulking SUV.

For Your Trusty Sedans:

  • Windshield: Stick to non-reflective tint, but only above the manufacturer's AS-1 line.
  • Front Side Windows: These have to let in at least 33% of sunlight.
  • Back Side Windows & Rear Window: Go wild! Choose any shade of darkness you fancy.

For the Mighty SUVs & Vans:

  • Windshield: Same deal as sedans—non-reflective tint above the AS-1 line.
  • Front Side Windows: Again, ensure more than 33% of light shines through.
  • Back Side Windows & Rear Window: Flex your creativity—any darkness level goes!

Arizona's Take on Window Tint Reflection

Beyond just how dark your tint is, there's the matter of reflection. Tint that reflects too much can be a hazard on the road. Plus, nobody likes that annoying glare, right?

For Sedans in the Spotlight:

  • Front & Back Side Windows: Keep it chill, with no more than 35% reflection.

For SUVs and Vans Stealing the Scene:

  • Front & Back Side Windows: You guessed it, no more than 35% reflective.

The Extra Bits: Other Rules to Tint By in Arizona

Arizona's got some more specifics in the playbook. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Side Mirrors: If your back window's tinted, you'll need dual side mirrors.
  • Color Limitations: Red and amber tints? Arizona says "nope."
  • Certificates: The folks making the tint film? They don't need to certify it here.
  • Identification Stickers: No need for a sticker to prove your tint's legit.
  • Health Comes First: For certain medical conditions, Arizona gives a thumbs up for special tints. Dive into the state law to get the deets on this.

Remember, the way these tinting rules are understood can vary. Your local DMV or cops might see things a bit differently.

Keeping Current with Arizona's Tint Trends

We've got our fingers on the pulse of Arizona's tinting scene. Our info here? Freshly updated in 2023. But laws can change, and we're all human. If you spot something off, give us a shout. Let's keep each other in the loop!

Alright, Arizona drivers, stay stylish and safe out there! And if you're ever in doubt, a quick chat with local authorities or a glance at the DMV's guidelines can set you straight. Drive on!

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